Dan I.

What brought me to tai-chi?

I have been a Martial Arts student for 20 years. Although my previous school has the appearance of being a Japanese dojo, my late Sensei would always describe his extraordinary ability as being simply “Tai Chi power.” About 8 years ago, I was tasked with learning Tai Chi and teaching it to my fellow students. I was told that if they don’t want to learn Tai Chi, then to beat them with it. I began learning Chen Man Ching’s short form from an independent teacher in his basement. I tried applying the principles Tai Chi taught me to the Self Defense arts I had been learning since I was 14. After that point I started getting stagnant in my development. In August 2012, I formally asked my Sensei if I could study Tai Chi Chuan with Sifu Ray Hayward. After receiving my blessings to attend TCTCC, I signed up immediately. I loved the sense of unity and welcome I felt from the moment I stepped into the studio. I felt very at home and happy there. Then in October 2012 my Sensei, who was like a father to me, passed away. By divine order I lost my father but gained a very large, loving, and nurturing extended family. I’m digging in deep here at TCTCC and I don’t want to budge. I’ll call it rooting.
Did I find what I was looking for?

  • A legit school where I could safely empty my cup
  • Lineage and history
  • Longevity to continue practicing while conserving energy

What I found that I wasn’t looking for?

  • A house with 2 dads and a ton of siblings
  • Organization
  • Community
  • Completeness
  • Direction
  • Confidence in my path
  • New motivations
  • Endless depth