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Course/Class Descriptions

T’ai Chi Solo Form

The foundation practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan is called the solo form. It contains a series of movements performed at a slow and relaxed pace. Each Solo Form class begins with warm-ups: gentle stretches and joint-release movements designed to prepare you for T’ai Chi practice and Qigong (chee gong, meaning energy work). Qigong is simple movement combined with breathing and a quiet mind.  Different qigong practices are taught in each solo form class: 1) Energy Spheres Qigong, 2) 6 Healing Sounds, 3) Cosmic Orbit Qigong, 4) Internal Qi Breathing Qigong. All students do warm ups together then new students are assigned a tutor to learn the T’ai Chi solo form.

T’ai Chi 43 Postures Form

This two-person form, created by Paul Abdella, teaches a martial arts application for the postures in the solo form in the order they appear in the solo form sequence. It develops sensitivity in the body to external forces, highlights martial applications, and deepens the understanding and experience of the solo form.

San Shao

This is a two-person form composed by Master T.T. Liang that catalogues and links together many partner practices created by past masters in the Yang style T’ai Chi tradition.

Pushing Hands

Two-person movement patterns designed to teach martial applications, feeling, timing, and an understanding of the fundamental techniques of T’ai Chi Ch’uan.


Weapons practice in the Sword, Saber, Spear, Cane and Fan are used as training tools to extend one’s energy beyond the hands and to help develop a refined aesthetic quality in the body.

Liu Ho Pa Fa

Liu Ho Pa Fa (6 harmonies, 8 methods) is an advanced internal style martial art that developed centuries ago on Hua Shan (flower mountain) in China. It combines refined and effective martial techniques with Taoist principles and philosophy.  12 Animals is the foundation practice of the Liu Ho Pa Fa system. The 12 animals teach the martial principles and techniques of the style by imitating the fighting movements of twelve animals.  Liu Ho Pa Fa Main Form is an advanced Liu Ho Pa Fa Form that teaches advanced applications of the 6 harmonies and 8 methods and integrates and expands upon the techniques of the twelve animals.


An eclectic martial art that combines a number of styles for practical self defense. Currently the only offering of this style is the Boxing Fundaments class. The basics of western boxing–punching, creating combinations, footwork, defense, sparring, and more are taught in a safe and non-competitive way. Open to adults of all ages.

Healing Tao

The Healing Tao is a complete system of Taoist Internal Energy work. In September and October, we are teaching the Microcosmic Orbit,a soothing yet powerful meditation practice that nourishes the body through increased energy flow in a circular movement pattern that has a positive  impact on the overall health of the body-mind.

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The Studio is closed New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, December 23 – January 1.