Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the entrance to the studio?

The address is 2242 University Ave W, St Paul, MN ‎55114, Suite 207. Enter the building through the entrance on Hampden Ave.
That entrance is locked for security purposes so call 651-239-0513 to gain entrance.  A studio representative will greet you and bring you to the studio.

When does a new session begin?

The T’ai-Chi classes are ongoing and self-paced. You may begin at any time.

What class do I start with? / Which class is for a beginner?

Our T’ai-Chi Solo Form classes are for beginners and all levels. Your first class is free so you can see the studio, meet the instructors, and experience what we teach. During the first half of class, you will learn alongside people who are at varying stages in their own solo form sequence. After group stretching, standing meditation and posture demonstrations, you will be paired with a tutor where you learn at your own pace.

Can I watch a class?

Please take the class if you can. We liken it to watching someone eat—by only watching, you can’t really taste the food. There is no need to call ahead or make arrangements, just show up.

When are your T’ai-Chi classes?

Beginners can come to our any of our T’ai-Chi Solo Form, Eclectsis, and Liu HoPaFa 12 Animals classes. Drop in at any of these times and take a free sample class. After the first class, you will be in small groups with the other people learning the first section. Then, as you progress (at your own pace), you will move through the entire three sections. Once you finish the Solo Form and complete the requirements, you are eligible to attend some of our advanced T’ai-Chi classes.

For a complete listing of the classes we offer, check out our classes page

How long does it take to finish learning the Solo Form?

A rare few have learned the entire 150-movement form in one month, but most take several months. It all depends on how your body learns, how much your mind can retain, and how much you practice outside of class.

Do you teach the applications of T’ai-Chi Ch’uan?

T’ai-Chi is an art consisting of four categories: health, self-defense, philosophy and meditation. We teach all four aspects equally throughout the schedule.

What do you teach advanced T’ai-Chi students?

After you finish the Solo Form, you are eligible to take our advanced classes, which include include T’ai-Chi Solo Form Refinement, T’ai-Chi weapons and two-person work (the Two-Person Dance and Pushing-Hands).

How much do classes cost?

Full Time (unlimited)

  • Adult $270 (credit card/online payment $278.10).
  • Enrolled Students (high-school, college, etc.) $165 (credit card/online payment $169.95)
  • Seniors  $165 (credit card/online payment $169.95)
  • Family discount, 10% off for each additional family member.

One class per week  $165 (credit card/online payment $169.95)

Drop in $20

New Member: Along with the free introductory class, new members may choose to purchase a 6-week new member package for $100 (credit card/online payment $103).   After the six-weeks, new members will be invited to join at the regular rate; any remaining time in the quarter will be prorated at the applicable quarterly rate

What should I wear?

We have no uniform. Wear loose, comfortable clothing such as jeans, sweats, or shorts—you won’t look out of place. Also, practitioners of the Chinese styles wear shoes (some students don’t, but most do). Sneakers are fine. We have men’s and women’s changing rooms.

What else do you teach?

We teach a variety of Chinese Martial Art styles. See class schedule. Our schedule changes periodically, but the T’ai-Chi Solo Form classes are always held at the same times.

How do I get to the studio?

Our address is 2242 University Avenue West Saint Paul, MN 55114. We are near Hwy. 280 off of I94 on University Ave. See map. Our door is on the Hampden side of the building.

How about parking?

There is free, curbside parking along Hampden Ave. Additionally, you may park in a shared lot along Myrtle St. and the Wright building across University after 6:00 p.m. There is usually no difficulty in finding parking adjacent to the building in the evening.

How about public transportation?

The Green Line light rail train stops at Raymond Station. The 16 bus from either downtown area stops at the University/Hampden corner. The driver does not always announce Hampden, but often announces the streets just before Hampden, which are Franklin Avenue from the West and Cretin Avenue from the East.

Our Mission

Twin Cities T’ai Chi is dedicated to teaching the art, science, and spirit of T’ai Chi and related practices to improve the quality of life for its members and community.

To fulfill this mission, we teach traditional practices through methods that are clear, practical, and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.  We provide an environment that is safe and conducive for members to learn the arts at their own pace, develop tranquility and focus, foster healthful habits and self-confidence, nurture friendships and community, and experience more deeply the presence of what the Chinese call Chi or the life force in their daily lives.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us or call 651-767-0267.