Sifu Paul


Paul Abdella (Huei-Ming) began his martial arts training in 1966 at the St. Paul Judo Club under Sensei Stan Williams. In 1977, Paul began studying Chinese martial arts and was taught an eclectic blend of eastern and western styles that combines Southern Chinese Kung Fu, western boxing and street techniques. Paul’s teacher, Sifu Douglas Anderson, expanded this training with a unique stretching method and speed training system.

In 1982, Paul began studying T’ai-Chi Ch’uan with Master T.T. Liang and learned Master Liang’s complete Yang style method which included the solo form, pushing-hands, ta-lu, san-shou and weapons. Paul also learned Hsing-Yi Ch’uan,
I-Ch’uan, and Liu Ho Pa Fa from Master Wai-Lun Choi.

Paul teaches and demonstrates T’ai-Chi in a variety of academic and health-focused organizations including the University of Minnesota. Paul promotes and teaches the martial arts as a way to create and preserve health, learn self-defense, and develop the discipline and clarity of mind to pursue one’s direction in life.