Other Arts

Hsing-Yi Ch’uan

Hsing-Yi Ch’uan is an internal exercise emphasizing movement in a straight line. It uses the 5-element theory of production and destruction to govern its postures.

Pa-Kua Ch’uan

Liu Ho Pa Fa

The twelve animals are the foundation practice of Liu Ho Pa Fa (six harmonies and eight methods), an internal martial art developed by Chen Hay-I, a noted mathematician and Taoist who lived in Shansi province in the 10th century during the Sung dynasty.

7-Star Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis is excellent training for speed, strength and conditioning. Master Liang studied Praying Mantis and taught it to his T’ai-Chi students to help them coordinate soft and hard movements.


Eclectsis is a martial art system developed in the mid-1970s by Douglas Anderson, a martial artist with thirty years of experience in external and internal styles.

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