From the Disciple's Desk

“String of Pearls” 10th anniversary

Ten years ago yesterday (August 28, 2003), “String of Pearls: Twin Cities T’ai Chi Ch’uan Tenth Anniversary Collection” was published by Shu Kuang Press. This tribute to Master T.T. Liang, compiled by Sifu Ray, contains essays by both our instructors, Master Choi, past and present students, and more. Pick up a copy for instruction, inspiration, […]

Brush Off Dust Against the Wind

by Kim Husband The problem with brushing off dust against the wind is that sometimes it blows right back in your face. I guess that’s another way of saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Looking over some old journal entries from five years ago, I’m more surprised than I should […]

Reading Between the Lines

By LaVonne Bunt Originally published in String of Pearls, Twin Cities T’ai-Chi Chuan’s Tenth Anniversary Collection (Shu Kuang Press, 2003) As I have practiced T’ai-Chi over these past three years I have learned lessons on many levels. It is a study in contrasts amidst an utter simplicity of movement. Mastering the fluid harmony of breath, […]

Whipped Cream Cake

By Woody Wolston Our cake-baking book, Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, was greatly enhanced from feedback given to us by all of you who tasted my test cakes. I am sharing this recipe with you because it is one of our most requested cakes. Along with the recipe being included in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, you can see […]

Sink, Root, Roll Back, Push, Press

By Diane Lefty For over 20 years I have been practicing T’ai Chi. Wow, you might say, that is a long time to invest in any one activity. So how did this all come about? I remember long before beginning to study T’ai Chi, there was an article in the Sunday newspaper about a young man (at […]

Drift With the Current

90 Minutes of Monkey Chatter By Kim Husband I reach into the trunk for the yard-long dowels that will serve as pretend swords in my upcoming class. My mind fastens on the clackety sound the sticks make as I juggle the bundle from one hand to the other so I can put my car keys […]

Bridge Hands

By Paul Magee July 1994 It was a Saturday evening, and the studio was closed. I was in after hours, practicing bridge-hand drills with Fred, a senior student who had taken me under his wing. Our hands made dull thudding sounds against each other’s arms, just barely loud enough to echo in the empty space […]

White Snake Spits Out Tongue

 by Morgan Grayce Willow   Relax like the snake on sun-warmed boulder. Listen. Vibrations will move messages up from earth’s core. Shape them in words and body. The poem is inspired by interpretation of the ancient characters for the name of this posture as described in How to Grasp the Bird’s Tail if You Don’t […]

The Immortal Guiding the Road

Thoughts on Teaching By Kim Husband Teaching is a revelation I have been reluctant to receive. As a child, I hated having to show others what to do; I considered that the teachers’ job and felt put-upon anytime I was asked to perform it. As a teenager, I didn’t want to seem like a smartypants […]

My T’ai Chi Journey

By LaVonne Bunt What brought you to Twin Cities T’ai Chi Studio? In 1998 I spent some time in China vacationing. It was one of those life-changing events that would open up a whole new world. A Sunday-morning visit to a park in Beijing included an invitation to join a group of women practicing T’ai […]