Affiliates of Twin Cities T’ai-Chi Ch’uan
http://www.liuhopafa.comWai Lun Choi’s Chinese Internal Arts.
This is the home page of Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi’s school in Chicago. The Articles and History sections are a must-read for students of the internal arts.

http://www.jrroy.comJ. R. Roy Martial Arts Studio.
This is the home page of Richard Roy’s martial arts school in Greenfield, MA. Mr. Roy is a long-time student and teacher of a variety of martial arts, and is a 7th-generation disciple of Yang-style T’ai-Chi Ch’uan.

http://www.mingtaotaichi.comMing Tao Tai Chi Ch’uan.
This is the home page of Diane Cannon’s T’ai-Chi Ch’uan studio in Wilmington, Delaware. Ms. Cannon is a 7th-generation disciple of Yang-style T’ai-Chi Ch’uan.

http://www.mctaichi.orgMed City T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Club.
This is the home page of The Med City T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Club in Rochester, Minnesota. Mike Cain and Rich Palmer, instructors-both are 7th-generation disciples of Yang-style T’ai-Chi Ch’uan.
This is Ken Cohen’s and the Qigong Research & Practice Center home page. Ken Cohen is located in Nederland, Colorado.

Other Martial Arts Sites—Peter Lim’s Taijiquan Resource Page.
Lots of good reading and links.—Xingyiquan.
An online guide to the Chinese martial art of Xingyiquan or “Form Mind Boxing.”—Praying Mantis Martial Arts Institute.
Northern Praying Mantis site.

Equipment, Weapons, Books and Arts—Local weapon and martial arts gear seller.—Edged weapons.—Raven Studios
Hand Crafted Hardwood Martial Arts Training Swords.—Arms & Armor authentic replica weapons crafted in Minneapolis.—Boxing gear.—Huge catalog of martial arts books.—Books and videos on the Chinese internal arts.—Used, rare, and out-of-print books.