Meditations from the Masters

“String of Pearls” 10th anniversary

Ten years ago yesterday (August 28, 2003), “String of Pearls: Twin Cities T’ai Chi Ch’uan Tenth Anniversary Collection” was published by Shu Kuang Press. This tribute to Master T.T. Liang, compiled by Sifu Ray, contains essays by both our instructors, Master Choi, past and present students, and more. Pick up a copy for instruction, inspiration, […]

School Paper by Yaseen Hayward, 14 years old, 9th grade

Raymond Hayward exits his car on the corner of Raymond and University. He had navigated through the sea of warehouses to the Twin Cities Tai Chi Chuan Studio. He passes the familiar sign as he unlocks the door and climbs the stairs to the second floor. A few students mill about in the hallway, stretching […]