When I was at the University of Michigan, my long time friend came to me one day saying, “We love all those Jackie Chan movies. I’m going to go try this Kung Fu school and see what it’s like. Wanna come with?”  So we went. It was awesome. It was everything we thought Kung Fu […]


What were you looking for?:  When I started at TCTCC I knew the short form and some of the Kuang Ping form, but I was still new to martial arts and did not understand the depth of Tai Chi study, so my desires were simple to lean the form and some two-person applications. What did […]


What brought you to tai-chi? When I was young, my father studied Taiji, so I grew up watching him. He studied at Great River Tai Chi Chuan with Barbara Davis. At the time, I had no real interest – it was something old people did. Years later, after graduating college (when my parents finally knew […]


What brought me to the studio? I stumbled upon T’ai Chi by accident when I was in college. I had arranged to meet my boyfriend at a particular place on campus so we could talk. While I waited for him, I saw people arriving to do some kind of movement or martial arts demonstration. I […]

Dan P.

Did I find what I was looking for? Yes. I was looking for a place to practice and an incentive to practice and guidance from people who knew more and knew how to share it. What did I find that I wasn’t looking for? Something consistent day-to-day and throughout my entire life. A very inclusive […]

Dan I.

What brought me to tai-chi? I have been a Martial Arts student for 20 years. Although my previous school has the appearance of being a Japanese dojo, my late Sensei would always describe his extraordinary ability as being simply “Tai Chi power.” About 8 years ago, I was tasked with learning Tai Chi and teaching […]


What brought you to tai-chi? My search for a community location to exercise began purposefully, but with general expectations in a workout studio. After visiting commercial workout and hard style martial art venues in St. Paul, my definition for an ideal studio where I would be investing time, money and energy began evolving into a […]


How I came to tai-chi? My husband spotted a newspaper article about TCTCC, and it said we could take a free class. I enjoy many kinds of movement, and so it sounded like fun. Even the warm-ups felt good and familiar from my days years ago when I studied modern dance. The class ended with […]


What brought you to Twin Cites T’ai-chi Studio? In 1998 I spent some time in China vacationing. It was one of those life-changing events that would open up a whole new world. A Sunday morning visit to a the park in Beijing included an invitation to join a group of women practicing t’ai chi. Little […]


What brought you to the Studio? I have a long history with T’ai Chi, going back to the mid-1980s and am now studying T’ai Chi for the third time. As written in Alexander Hislop’s The Proverbs of Scotland, “The third time’s lucky.”  My first time started in about 1984 when I studied with Jonah Friedman […]