T’ai-Chi Solo Form

T’ai-Chi Long Form: 150-posture Yang-style solo form

T’ai-Chi Short Form: 37-posture Cheng Man-ch’ing short solo form

No prerequisite. The T’ai-Chi solo form classes are the entry-level courses in the entire T’ai-Chi curriculum. Every aspect of T’ai-Chi is found in the solo form, and all other pursuits grow out of it. The course includes:

  • Warm-ups and mobility exercises
  • Standing meditation and Qigong
  • Posture training

The contents of this class will vary according to season and class size.
“Old-timers” will be present to help out as well as practice their own form.

Refinement Classes

Prerequisite: Completion of the T’ai-Chi Solo Form and auxiliary lessons, and a proficiency verification from the instructor.

This class introduces more advanced topics related to the T’ai-Chi Solo Form, including:

  • Training methods
  • Classics, principles and theories
  • Practical applications
  • History, evolution and comparisons
  • Meditative aspects of the solo form

In addition, each student will receive posture corrections from the instructor.

Solo Form