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Night & Day of 10,000 Postures is twenty-five continuous hours of doing the T’ai-Chi form, beginning Saturday, June 27 at 2 PM and ending Sunday, June 28 at 3 PM, which, if we have people practicing T’ai-Chi that whole time, should come close to achieving 10,000 postures!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Night and Day of 10,000 Postures happen: the students who were in the webcast, everyone who watched and supported us, and everyone who donated.  

Your first T’ai-Chi class with us is free. Find us at 2242 University Ave, Suite 207, Saint Paul 55114. Before class times, studio members enter the building with key cards. If you need entry into the building, please come within 10 minutes of class time and someone will meet you at the door.