Welcome to the Twin Cities T’ai Chi Ch’uan Studio, the premiere school for Chinese Martial arts in the Twin Cities. Don’t let the name fool you! In addition to the complete system of T’ai Chi Ch’uan we also teach:

Qigong and Taoist Meditation
Hsing-Yi Ch’uan
Pa-Kua Chang
Liu Ho Pa Fa
Shaolin Kung Fu
Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Whether you’re coming from another school or coming directly from your couch, coming to the Twin Cities T’ai Chi Ch’uan Studio is the first step on your martial journey.

Our Masters teach T’ai Chi at the highest level and have trained champion push hands competitors. We offer much more than T’ai Chi. We teach several hard to find styles, including complete systems of Hsing-Yi Ch’uan, Pa-Kua Chang, Liu Ho Pa Fa, and Wudang sword. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality teachings and individualized instruction in a safe environment that is accessible to any level of experience and physical ability.

In addition to martial and self-defense aspects of these arts, we also emphasize the development of wisdom, knowledge and character in all of our students. We integrate the study of philosophy, art and classical strategy into our classes, as well as the richness of Chinese culture and traditions. Whether we are learning to swing a sword, reading classical literature, or practicing ancient Taoist meditation techniques, studying here develops body, mind and spirit in equal measure.

Studying Kung Fu in general, and T’ai Chi Ch’uan in particular, can increase health, boost vitality, and help you achieve longevity. T’ai Chi is an exercise that decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, improves balance, and can even help treat depression. The more medical science studies these arts, the better they seem to be for us.

No matter what your motivation is, our Masters and tutors can lead you down your own personal path to growth, wellness, and empowerment!

When you arrive at the building, a studio representative monitors the Hampden Ave. entrance 10 minutes before and after class starting times.  They will open the door which otherwise remains locked at all times. If you arrive outside this 20 minute window, please call 651-767-0267.